Brotli encode/decode tool

Encode/decode (a.k.a. compress/decompress) data in Brotli format locally in browser. All processing is literally done locally with WebAssembly to keep data safe.

Help: Input & output

Text input should be in Python byte string format (e.g. 0\xff\\ = [48, 255, 92], which can omit surrounded quotes and b prefix). Text output will also be in that format. When both text and file input exist, file input will be selected. Click the refresh button aside to abort the uploaded file.


Help: Decoding implementation

Decoding is powered by brotli-dec-wasm due to its small size.

Or select a file:


Help: Encoding implementation

Encoding is powered by brotli-wasm. It will be dynamically loaded due to its large size.

Or select a file: