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I am myl7:

  • myl7 == Yulong Ming in en == 明宇龙 in zh-Hans, he/him
  • PhD student (2022-26) in CS at CityU HK interested in Network Security, especially Metadata Privacy recently
  • FLOSS enthusiast believing that even once is help
  • GitHub active code contributor with over 1k 500 contributions per year
  • Linux fan running Arch Linux for everyday use

A more detailed & formal PDF CV is available

  • GitHub: myl7
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    • myl AT (code dev)
    • myl.7 AT (academic)
    • AT (general)
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  • GPG: 1F9DE45ED2A4F36A Yulong Ming (myl7) <> (current) available on
  • SSH: Available on
  • Avatar: Gravatar myl AT from Pixiv if required
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    • Modes: osu! & osu!mania (4K)
    • Playstyles: Mouse & keyboard

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