Tree shaking would not work on object exports

Exporting multiple things as an object (as expected) means always bundling them together. And there are more discussions about how to export multiple things.

Created & updated on 2022-10-25.


Assume a module export.js for exports:

export default { a: a, b: b, } export const a = 'short' export const b = 'long: ...' // b is not used and very long, e.g., 1MB

Then we try to import a only from export.js in different ways:

// A import obj from './export.js' console.log(obj.a)
// B import * as obj from './export.js' console.log(obj.a)
// C import * as obj from './export.js' K = 'a' console.log(obj[K])
// D import(/* webpackMode: "eager" */ './export.js').then(({ a }) => console.log(a))

Finally, bundle them respectively with webpack. Then check the output sizes.

The result is that, ONLY B is small, and others all include the unused b.

The post is related with Next.js image optimization together with next-mdx-remote. More experiments are required so I can not just assert here. To put simply, ordinary solutions to reuse Next.js image optimization in next-mdx-remote cause any post page to include all image metadata, even though it does not use the images.

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