Quoted string in debug printing

Quoted spring in debug printing may indicate that the spring variable just contains two redundant quotes. | Updated on 2020-11-24 | Published on 2020-11-24


At that time I was writing a Kotlin Spring backend application. The admin url is protected with HTTP basic authentication. After setting up Spring authentication configuration bean, with a property configuration to load properties from application.properties, I used ./gradlew bootRun to start the development server. Surprisingly, I found that I can not use the username and password in the application.properties to access the admin url. The system just reported 401.


First I checked the Spring HTTP basic authentication configuration and property loading configuration. I was new to Spring and Kotlin, Besides Kotlin Spring tutorials are much less than Java Spring ones. But I could not see where is the problem. To ensure the HTTP basic authentication is set up correctly, I debug printed the username and password out. The output looked nice, which is:

(Spring info log...)
(Spring info log...)

(You may have seen the problem.) Just the same as my config in application.properties. I decided to do a little test: I replace the variables containing the username and password with literals. Now it works fine! I was confused: Why literals work but variables not?


After struggling for about 2h, I suddenly realized that the output "username" might be not the same as the str of "username". The output "uesrname" indicated that the variable was just "\"username"\", including two quotes. Take a look at my application.properties, it contained:


which we should remove the quotes in. Property files just do not need quotes to specify a string. After removing the quotes, everything works fine.