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Updated on 2021-11-24



  • Name: Yulong Ming, 明宇龙 in Chinese
  • Birthday: 2000-07-08
  • Current location: University of Science and Technology of China, China
  • Email: myl.ustc@gmail.com
  • GitHub: myl7



  • XDP (i.e. eXpress Data Path) packet forwarding, filtering, tunneling, and other processing in Linux kernel
    • Planing to make XDP tunneling as graduation design
  • BFT (i.e. Byzantine fault tolerance) algorithm optimization in blockchain


  • University of Science and Technology of China a.k.a. USTC, senior Computer Science major, 2018 -- 2022
    • GPA 3.19/4.3 No high but with great grades of CS-related professional courses like Compiler 92/100 and OS (Honor) 90/100
  • USTCLUG (i.e. USTC Linux User Group), core member and CTO in 2020, 2019 -- now
    • As one of the most famous student clubs and organizations of China, maintains well-known USTC Mirror, Linux 101 tutorial, and more services
    • CTO work includes checking IPMI and fixing RAID arrays on the hardware side, maintaining FTP, GitLab, mirroring tool, and some Docker containers on the software side, and communication stuff like replying to inquiries
  • iGEM 2019 software track, web backend core developer of team USTC-Software, 2019-06 -- 2019-11
    • To build an information and computation platform for academic use of synthetic biology
    • Developed almost the whole backend stuff including model management and processing, message queue, and RPC
    • Got gold medal (1st level) and Best Software Award nominations (2 in total)
    • Ref: Project homepage Source code
  • VLAB, developer and manager, 2019 -- now
    • is a virtualization platform providing students with virtual machines, online editors, etc.
    • Participated in parts like SSH reverse proxy, KVM virtual machine API, and more
    • Already used in some university courses like Digital Circuits and OS, 1k+ users


All projects with recommendations are available on my GitHub profile.

Additional ones:

  • DN42 ASN 4242420245
    • Is an experiment-aimed, decentralized peer-to-peer network built using VPNs and software/hardware BGP routers


  • Linux maintaining stuff and technology stack concepts
  • Container principles and Docker with related tools usage
  • React frontend ecosystem usage and philosophy
  • Programing languages: Python, Rust, Go, Javascript with Typescript, which all are with practical use, and prime C, C++,Java
  • Natural languages: Chinese (mother tongue), English (TOEFL 87, R27-L22-S17-W21), a little Japanese (elementary listening)
  • Frameworks and libraries: Django, Gin, Next.js, which all are with products, and Spring, FastAPI, ANTLR, Serverless of famous cloud providers, etc.

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